Envirostreet Light Components

Solar Billboard Lights Components

Solar Panels –
EnviroLight Solar Billboard Lights come with a customized number of solar panels for your specific needs. These PV panels are made in the USA and are among the most efficient and cost-effective in the industry.

HID High Output Lights –
The HID Lights that comprise the heart of the EnviroLight Solar Billboard Lights are rated at 400W equivalent, and use far less energy than any other HID bulb for these applications.

Dual-Purpose Controller –
The EnviroLight Solar Billboard Lights and the SSX Solar Street Lights are controlled by a system controller that handles both charge regulation to prevent battery overcharge and discharge, and also lighting control, allowing you to set the system to operate for a specific number of hours each and every night.

Battery Backup –
These kits include a size-able battery backup which enables them to operate every night, even when there are a number of cloudy days in a row.  This battery backup guarantees uninterrupted operation and system autonomy under all conditions.

Other system components include battery/controller storage, wiring, and all connection materials.