Solar Billboard Light Package X

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Solar Billboard Lights

The new generation of the EnviroLight Solar Billboard Lighting kit is the perfect solution for solar billboard lighting solutions. Featuring low cost and industry-leading performance, the EnviroLight packages are specifically for standard billboards. Each individual EnviroLight Solar Billboard Lighting kit will perfectly illuminate a single-sided 30 ft wide billboard – without the added costs of electrical installation and operation.

There are three different EnviroLight X packages, each designed for areas with low, medium and high solar exposure.

EnviroLight ModelList PriceYou Pay
EnviroLight X-Low$ 4233.16Click Here
EnviroLight X-Med$ 3639.30Click Here
EnviroLight X-High$ 3333.60Click Here

Choosing The Right EnviroLight X

Need help figuring out which EnviroLight X Kit is right for you? Use our Solar Billboard Light Sizing Guide.

Product Description:

We all understand that the costs of installing and operating traditional billboard lighting systems are extremely high. The clear alternative is an EnviroLight X Solar Billboard Lighting Kit, which slashes installation costs, and has absolutely zero operating costs for its lifetime.

The EnviroLight X Solar Billboard Lighting Kit is designed and manufactured by Silicon Solar Inc, an industry-leading powerhouse in the innovation of solar energy solutions for every day problems. With the EnviroLight, you can rest assured that your Solar Billboard Lighting solution is professional designed, engineered and manufactured. All backed by Silicon Solar’s leading warranty.

Design Method:

  • Charging and storage systems designed around insolation hours on shortest day of the year (Dec 21st)

  • Light operation designed for 8 hours of operation per night (can be increased during spring and summer months)

  • Power storage and charging system designed for 2 days of operation with no sun exposure

  • Uses solar panels to determine night/day (even on cloudy days panels produce power. This power is not enough to constitute as charging time but it is enough to not turn lights on)

  • This system is designed for areas that have high insolation hours. Please refer to map or speak with one of our specialist to determine if this kit will work for you.

Product Features:

  • One HID light
  • Battery and controller storage
  • Durable in heavy weather
  • Solar array to charge the battery
  • Customizable running times (not recommended to exceed 8 hours in winter months)
  • Manufactured by Silicon Solar

Kit Components:

  • 1 HID light
  • Battery/controller storage
  • Installation guide
  • Solar Panel Array
  • Battery Bank