Solar Billboard Lights and Solar Street Lights FAQ

Solar Billboard Lights FAQs

The EnviroLight is our industry-leading line of solar billboard lighting systems. Each light is custom built to illuminate your outdoor advertising in any location or climate you need.
Every EnviroLight system includes our EnviroMaxx light fixtures (qty determined by the size of your billboard), high-efficiency solar panels, solar panel mounting hardware, a high-capacity battery bank a battery enclosure to safely store your batteries and all control systems.
EnviroLight solar billboard lighting systems work very simply. The solar panels charge the included battery bank. Then, at night, the controller turns on the light fixtures using the power stored in the batteries.
EnviroLight systems are designed to be as close to maintenance free as possible. Aside from checking the levels of the batteries and the wiring once or twice a year (usually before and after winter) these systems are intended to be completely autonomous.
We discussed the minimal maintenance required for EnviroLight solar billboard lighting systems. The only real costs of an EnviroLight system are the eventual costs of replacing the batteries (every 5 or so years) as well as the eventual replacement of the LED light fixtures (after their estimated 50,000 hour lifetime).

Solar Street Lights FAQs

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